Monday, December 16, 2013

Official JAMS website and new opportunities to get involved!

There is now an official JAMS website where Principal Montgomery can directly upload materials and information for the JAMS community! You can "join" the Fusion Page to be alerted when new materials are posted.  You do this by logging in with your Source login.  You do not have to join in order to read the page.  Here is the link:

In addition to the PTA/PTSA Steering Committee opportunity we posted about last Friday, there are two other new ways to get involved.

Apply to join the Parent Core Team

From the new JAMS Fusion website:
Parents, please consider being a leader in your community and be part of the JAMS parent planning team. The core team seeks 1-2 parent representatives from each of our elementary schools as well as Eckstein and Hamilton. This is an exciting time to help create an incredible new school. See the attachment for the application and send or email back to Principal Montgomery.
Principal Montgomery's email address is: p l mont gom ery at seattle schools dot org [remove spaces, replace words with symbols]

Join a Teacher Interview Team -- incoming students can do this too!

Principal Paula Montgomery has already posted six Lead Teacher positions in the district's internal hiring process. Interviews are coming up, and both parents and students can be involved. The same kind of interview teams will be formed throughout the spring as general hiring progresses. Broad representation from the different JAMS feeder schools is highly desirable. 

Here are the steps to get involved:

1. Complete the SEA Site-Based Interview Training.
You must have completed the SEA Site-Based Interview Training prior to being put on an interview team. Interested students must also attend the training in order to participate. Here is the schedule and contact info for registering for upcoming trainings; the next one is on January 9. They are held at the John Stanford Center in SoDo.

Ms. Montgomery is also working with HR to have a training take place at JAMS so that parents and students don't have to travel as far.

2.  After completing training, tell Ms. Montgomery about your interest.
Ms. Montgomery wants to bring in as many parent communities as possible. However, a caveat: an interview team must be of a manageable size, so any given team will likely include only one representative from each constituency.  You can reach her at: p l mont gomery at seattle schools dot org. [Remove spaces, replace words with symbols.]

There are two interviews coming up soon, for which Ms. Montgomery is reaching out to PTA organizations to put together interview teams. 
1. Head Counselor: Tuesday, December 17, 3:45-6:00, Jane Addams Middle School
2. Arts Team Leader: Wednesday, December 18, 3:45-6:00, Jane Addams Middle School


  1. I wish I already had training, but I will get it in January! I wonder if, since nearly half of the school will be students drawn in from the APP program, if Principal Montgomery has considered making sure one (or more) of the lead teachers has expertise in advancd learning programs/students? Not as a standalone position, but just making sure there is some experience in that area in her leadership team?

    1. I think there will be less than 200 APP students, since it will only be those from the Eckstein and JAMS areas. That will be closer to a third of the 600-900 students that Principal Montgomery is expecting.

      Beth D

    2. The projections are all higher than that, but even if the projections are wrong, it's a big percentage, and a specialized program.

  2. Great question, Anonymous at 10:32 AM, please, come to the upcoming Wed. Dec. 18th JAMS meeting at 6:30pm at the JAMS library and ask that question in person. Ms. Montgomery is very thoughtful and intentional, and she will be able to answer you directly in front of everyone (who may have similar questions, afterall). There's only one way to find out for sure: come and ask!

    The more folks who come and the more robust Q&A there is, the better, because transparency promote common understandings, which is a great way to start conversations.

    -ask away


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