Monday, April 28, 2014

JAMS music booster club (FOJAM) seeks volunteers for its Board of Directors

More good news for music-loving JAMS families: Zari Magness, the president of Hamilton's very active and effective music booster club, has announced the formation of a similar club for JAMS!  Zari is looking for volunteers for the FOJAM (Friends of Jane Addams Music) Board of Directors. Please see Zari's message below. If you would like to get involved, you should be able to get a message to Zari through principal Paula Montgomery at p l mont gom ery at seattle schools dot org or the incoming JAMS Music Teacher Leader, Debra Schaaf: d e schaaf at seattle schools dot org [remove spaces, replace words with symbols].  Music at JAMS is going to be fantastic!
Dear incoming JAMS families,

I am pleased to update you on the status of the new nonprofit music booster
club for Jane Addams Middle School. The purpose of the organization is to
support the music program and music directors at Jane Addams and provide
enrichment for all music students. We are happy to announce that Articles of
incorporation for Friends of Jane Addams Music (FOJAM) have been filed with
the state by one of the Hamilton parents, Faith Pettis of Pacifica Law
Group. We are grateful to Faith and her firm who agreed to do the legal work
pro bono for FOJAM. We still need to make the 501c3 filing with the IRS
which will incur some additional filing fees, but we will detail those later

In the meanwhile, we need to identify 7 volunteer director positions for the
FOJAM board. Attached please find a short document (~8 pages) with the board
structure and responsibilities and let me know if any of these positions are
of interest to you. Ideally the board should be representative of all
schools feeding into JAMS. Once we have nominations for these positions, a
meeting will be called to vote on the directors as well as to vote on the
FOJAM bylaws.

If you can not commit to a board position right now, there are many
volunteer positions where you can help. These non-board positions are also
listed in the boxes in the attached document as well but I can provide you
more details on what they entail. To provide a great music experience for
our students at JAMS, please consider helping out by volunteering for any of
the many jobs that will need you when school starts. If you have experience
writing grants, please contact me, so we can start brain-storming while the
FOJAM startup goes through.
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Zari Magness
2013-14 President
          Friends of Music at Hamilton International Middle school. 


  1. Saw this on the Seattle schools blog and wondered if it was accurate.... Will Jane Addams Middle School have inclusion classrooms like Eckstein? I heard that they will not & was really surprised.

    By inclusion classrooms, I mean a class that has a mix of spec. ed, gen. ed & sometimes advanced learners with a gen ed teacher & spec ed teacher, & an aid or 2 & maybe some volunteer tutors. These classrooms attracted the most gifted of the eckstein gen ed teachers so they were popular with many families.

    If Jane Addams does not have these classes, what will happen to the special ed students who are being moved there? Self-contained?


  2. Hi, I don't know the answer to your specific question about configurations, but Principal Montgomery has announced the hiring of Samantha Huckabee from Eckstein to be the Spec Ed Teacher Leader at JAMS. At the JAMS PTSA meeting last night, I believe Ms. Montgomery said that Ms. Huckabee is an autism inclusion specialist (not sure if I have the term right). You can see the list of newly announced hires here:

    -- RHF


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