Tuesday, May 13, 2014

JAMS PTSA's website: the best, most immediate source of information

Hopefully, many readers have already discovered the JAMS PTSA official website:


The PTSA website is undoubtedly the best source of updated information about events and developments at JAMS.  There is also the JAMS Fusion page, jams.www.seattleschools.org (yes, that's correct), which is perhaps less user-friendly, but has detailed announcements that Paula Montgomery posts directly.

Both of these resources include the option for you to sign up to receive email updates. We encourage you to join these email lists.  You'll get news about topics such as the election of PTSA officers, ongoing hiring of teachers, and upcoming meetings for your children to get to know their new school.

A note about this blog:
You will have noticed that the posts on this blog have been few and far between as of late -- this is partly due to personal pressures and partly due to the fact that the PTSA and Ms. Montgomery now have direct means of communication with the JAMS community.  This blog was created back when JAMS was only an idea, and there were no other sources of information and organization. Now, there are other, centralized sources of direct information. The blog will continue to exist, but it will exist mainly in the form of discussions rather than intermittent news blasts. Please send your suggestions for topics to janeaddamsmsblog@gmail.com.  Thanks!

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